The Weekend Read: Local Hip Hop moves out of the underground


It’s 6.30 pm on Friday night. Inside a blue-walled studio on El Socorro Road, Richard Raj-kumar is staring at a screen, listening intently to a young boy’s cover of a popular soca song.

Seated on his left, DeeJay Pun, real name Richard Romano, is taking selfie videos, his headphones draped lopsidedly on his head as he turns and twists his cell phone.

Raj-kumar, best known as the rapper Chromatics, interrupts the selfie session with a comment about the video before flipping to an instrumental.

It’s one week before Chromatics’ show at the Black Box on August 20 and he and his DJ are organising the set list for the show.

The show will be Chromatics’ last before he heads on his first US tour.

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